#blackoutpoetry 001: impossible

you’re the magician’s assistant in their dream

Riptide by Vance Joy

one for you, one for me, one for me again #vscocam

over there there’s friends of mine, what can i say i’ve known them for a long, long time

A Certain Romance by Artic Monkeys live at Glastonbury 2013

the bornday feast

your soul could never grow old, it’s evergreen; your smile’s forever in my mind and memory

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

//in love with this song and this video is brilliant! we should all be having a slow dance party now.

You got something to say? Why don’t you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head? It’s always the same. Why don’t you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?

Heart Out by The 1975

Movie Monday: Two Night Stand

Voluntourismo E-book Cover

Voluntourismo by @trishavelarmino e-book cover design

This is an e-book design for travel blogger extraordinaire, Trisha Velarmino.

In Voluntourismo, Trish writes a step by step guid on looking for free volunteering jobs in South America, saving money and navigating travel routes.

Design notes:Isnpired by festivals and vibrant colors I associate with South American culture, I used a bright color-scheme, created custom patterns and funky,…

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Avocado ice cream. So good! #vscocam

French pressed coffee + muffcakes

I’m on the (VSCo) Grid

VSCOCam is one of my favorite apps. I use it all the time to edit and post-process my photos.