some legends untold, some turn to dust or to gold…

"alcohol is for suckers" - Nat, Liberal Arts

Some legends untold some turn to dust or to gold

On Centuries


6am. Backpack in tow, I board the van knowing I’ll be needing caffeine to last the day. The cousins are not yet ready to leave so I hop back down and scour the pantry for caffeine, hoping to save cash by not getting my regular Starbucks grande. Mission Instant Coffee failed so I grabbed cookies and headed out just as my cousin boards the van. We were finally leaving.

I settle in, looking forward to at least an hour more of sleep as the cousin is brought to school first before I’m dropped off at work. Then, she goes “I’ve listened to Centuries.” or some version of it because my brain halted from working as I tried to process how this single was out already (?!). Despite having read former tweets and posts on it, I wasn’t expecting it to be out for another week or so. I have my own personal time zone, perils and delights of being me.

Naturally, I asked her to play it and it. was. awesome. It’s like I didn’t even need caffeine anymore. It wasn’t the usual somewhat mellow mix of Ed Sheeran, Explosions in the Sky, Coldplay, Emeli Sande, Death Cab for Cutie, etc. I usually put on and lose myself in at six in the morning but I wasn’t complaining. That intro plays and Stump’s voice comes on with that slow build before it settles in for awesome. Then there’s the piano layer that adds to epic-ness. The clapping, the gang vocals… I immediately got the chills and asked my cousin if she’s realized how amazing this song would be live as I’m imagining being in a giant hallowed hall watching it performed live. Heck, as I write this I’m playing it on Youtube and still imagining how epic this song would be live! It is magic in 3 minutes and 51 seconds. Fall Out Boy does it again!

I can’t help the flashbacks to back in February 2013 when My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark came out from seemingly nowhere and blew my head off. I remember sitting in front of my PC, chills in check, pressing repeat over and over. I can’t believe it’s only been a couple of months over a year after Save Rock & Roll and Fall Out Boy already has new material out. Obviously, I’m not complaining but is it just me or has it been just a while since Save Rock and Roll was released? Don’t bands usually take about 2 years in between each record? I probably should pay more attention but like a moth to a flame, I just plug my earphones one whenever there’s new material out.

Which brings me to the sometimes epic-ness (epicality?) of not knowing. See, despite having access to as much or as little access to information as I would like on music/movies/books that I love, there are some instances where I prefer to be pleasantly, incredibly surprised when my favorite creatives puts out new material. As is the case when My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark came out, or when Beyonce dropped her self-titled flawless album. I don’t need spoilers, I don’t need marketing schemes, just new material to fall in love with and use as inspiration for lettering doodles and other artworks. Sometimes, I prefer to be wowed by content without having any preconceived notions or what it could be, what it’ll be about, what it’ll sound like in the case of records or in the case of movies, who will be in it or who could have been in it. I would really much rather have this information after that first experience of losing myself (or not) in a new song or new movie. The research, for me, comes after. Not before.

I am proud to be of that generation who saw cassette players morph into -gigabyte-sized digital players but still, I basically grew up with computers and the Internet. So while I may not be as familiar as say, my folks, are when it comes to how music and movies used to be consumed and experienced, I somewhat feel nostalgic of those times when people hang around and suddenly find reason to jump for awesome when a new song or other form of creative content happens to them. I guess this still happens today albeit in different forms of media, but I kind of miss having to experience a song for the first time just on my own as I always do when I sample albums or when it’s been shared by a close friend, before I share it with everyone else not the other way around.

A tad selfish? Yes, I realize this but when something connects with you so dearly that sharing it with everyone else feels like a betrayal to that connection… in the day and age of social media, commenting systems and forums, a human just can’t help but feel a bit possessive. Of course, nothing against social media and commenting systems… discussions on here have changed the world and that’s awesome but still… sometimes I would just love to have something for myself first before I realize that the rest of the world shares it with me too.

So that’s my little social commentary on media today. If you read this (bless you soul) and was confused… I’ll leave you with the hyperlapse edition of the Centuries by Fall Out Boy, who in the wise words of John Green, is increasing world suck one track at a time! I can’t wait until they put out other material!!

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lumiere, darling

Workspace Wednesday # 090314

I read Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon last week and among the many, many points I will steal/have stolen from it is to “do good work and share it with people”. Thus I present Workspace Wednesdays, where I share snippets of the projects I’m currently working on and/or have done but cannot share yet because they’re not yet launched by the actual event/person they were designed for.


1. Xavier Fencing Cup 2014. The second Xavier Fencing Cup will be happening late September so I am currently pushing to get all the banners, medals, tags, etc. ready for this event.

2. Furniture Land. Logo work for a furniture company. This was inspired by monogram typography.

3. Voluntourismo by Trisha Velarmino. I am working with explorer/blogger extraordinaire, Trish, again and it’s been an awesome collaboration to say the least. She’s writing another e-book on travelling around South America by volunteering and she’s asked me to create the cover! The book will be out on her birthday, September 20, so keep on the lookout for it. More details on her site.

4. Sunergize product shoots. Sunergize will be launching a bunch of solar powered items soon so I shot photos, create brochure and other creative collateral for its launch. More details here.

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Oh captain, my captain!

Movie Mondays with Robyn Williams: Dead Poets Society

More quotes than thoughts because anything I say won’t do this film justice. It’s incredibly brilliant!

Will post better photo soon!! Apologies for the quality!

Good day John, it’s Thursday!

I wrote An Open Letter to John Green where I said things like ” You make young adults sound so smart and so eloquent that I wish I thought and spoke just as smartly and expressively as your characters. Heck, as I write this I hope to make as much sense Hazel Grace did as she pointed out the breakfastness of eggs! The thoughts and the dialogues, these are the quotes I take down and keep as inspiration/reminders that I am not alone in feeling and thinking certain ways – breakfastness of eggs included!” and many other things.

Movie Mondays with Robin Williams: Good Morning Vietnam

Movie Mondays with Robin Williams: Alladin

Aptly starting from the beginning.

An Open Letter to Robin Williams

Dear Robin Williams,

Thank you for the stories!

Jack can’t come out to play anymore. But Genie, you are free.

You will be missed, always remembered.